"Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity… and I'm not so sure about the universe." ~Albert Einstein

May/June Inspirations

June 21, 2019

Image by a Taiwanese Based Arstist

Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/508766089137303664/

Quote By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Credit: https://emilysquotes.com/i-dream-of-a-world-where-the-truth-is-what-shapes-peoples-politics-rather/

March Inspirations

June 21, 2019

Quote By Mark Twain

Credit: https://www.funny-jokes-quotes-sayings.com/witty-quotes.html

A Ted Talk By Simon Sinek regarding What Makes the Best Leaders Insipre Action

Credit: https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action

Free Choice April

June 21, 2019

A Biology Anecdote

Some would call me crazy and I know,

but I don’t care.

I learned how to suture over the summer, I practiced on fabric, fake leather, oranges, bananas and some of these suturing sessions would take place in the library, consisting of a small group of friends. I eventually upgraded to chicken thighs.

Today we were going to dissect a fetal pig in biology, this was the dissection I had been countings, months, weeks, minutes and seconds to preform. I made a little promise with myself; I was going to bring my suturing kit with me. I keep my suturing kit in a pocket hidden in the corner of my bag.

I hid my suturing kit in the huge pocket of my labcoat, which was suprisingly convenient. I asked my group members if we could save the remaining 5-10 minutes of the dissection for the sole purpose of suturing the pig.

My group members kindly agreed to my eccentric idea,


We were nearing the end of our fascinating dissection and in the last 10 minutes my group members kept the promise they made and we continued suturing away across the rubbery skin of the fetal pig which by the way wreaked of a formaldehyde like chemical.

Its as if we were lost in the world of suturing,

simple interrupted sutures across the back neatly closing up the vertical incision made with the scalpel.

We were lost in the world of sutures,

too lost.

I wanted to make sure the teacher didn’t find out I bought a suturing kit to class, I was worried that they’d think I was insane.

However we got to carried away and what cam next left me in awe.

My group, including myself was extremely focused and we lost track of everthing outside of suturing.

Suddenly, a loud voice from the other side of the class room hollered.

“What on earth are you doing?!”

We dropped the tools

and froze.

I was petrified,



I had to explain myself.

It was a little hard to tell how the teacher was emotionally feeling,

but it became very obvious when he burst in laughter. The teacher quickly added. “You’re seriously suturing a pig, that’s amazing!”

I stood there awkwardly with my face all red. We were equally as confused as the teacher and I was embarassed with my little obssesion but I still was laughing awkwardly.

We all were…

And that was one of the best moments…

of my life.

(Credits go to:http://jennifersharrick.blogspot.com/2013/01/suture-clinic.html and https://www.cwcboe.org/Page/5018)

Fictional Piece

June 20, 2019

The Story

She was looking for a gem, that everyone seemed to possess besides herself. She couldn’t understand why she didn’t have one, she was described by all to be ” One of the kindest and caring individuals of all time, she puts others before herself.” This person was so caught up in helping others find their gems put completely ignored her own. She looked with pity towards herself as a group of people were gathered around a tree. One of them hollered. “My gem is a deep red almost like that of blood and the moment it touches the light it transforms into a marvelous dark pink!” Another added. “Mine is a delicate aquamarine blue that looks as if one’s staring into the ocean.”

There she stood in the distance filled with happiness for everyone else but sadness and great disappointment in herself. She wanted a gem so badly! She traveled to the toughest, farthest, darkest corners of the world to find a person that would be willing to give her even the tiniest piece of her gem but rather than appreciating the hard work and effort she gave into finding their gems they looked on wards with disgust, keeping their noses high like a pair of unwanted snobs that think they’re so important but no one wants to break it to them that they’re not. Some people scoffed, while others just straight up refused. This girl was heartbroken. She had given up and she lay in the wet green grass sobbing her heart out.

Suddenly a wise old man with a long beard the colour of ash approached me and spoke in a soft, gentle and heartwarming voice. “Child, the most beautiful gem of all is not that of the average man who puts his on full display for the world to look upon with envy.” The man paused and once again continued in his soft voice. “The most beautiful gem of all is buried within.” The old and wise man smiled and the girl and left.

She attempted to get up but instead lye on the ground perplexed, fascinated in awe of this bedazzled colourful object in front of her. It was of several colours of the rainbow, it was beautiful! I said to myself. “The man was right, gems of the average person may be put on display for the world to see but I got something better, there was no need to search for a gem because hiding in plain sight


was the multicoloured diamond within me.


June 20, 2019

She thought that the bones were the strongest and most rigid part of the body

She thought she could carry all the weight if the world

At first it seemed like a silly illusion

But no one knew of her true delusion

She theorized that she could not only supprt a life of her own but als the lives of many others

She started with one person, one burden

It was a slouch, a bulge in the back

But she knew she could do more

She thought she could do better so she supported the life of another on her back

For her this seemed like a breeze

And she certainly thought she was doing this with ease

But then she added another person and another persona and antoher person

and now she was a hunchback

But she knew she could do it

Even though the pain and weight on her bones was agonizing

But she continued with another person, another person, another person and another person

Until one day

The pain was excrutiating, it was unbearable the girl could hear her bones


and sinking

and sinking

And she asked herself. “You know, maybe I can still get this weight of my back maybe I can-”


But it was to late

She couldn’t do the latter

Because she was shattered

With this piece I wanted to capture the lives of people who are willing to put themselves under the bus for others. These people will brush of these burdens they have in their life treating them like it is “no big deal,” but people will take advantage of that and they will rely on you to much and become completely dependent on you. However, these people will not stop they will do whatever it takes to satisfy the “needs” of these people. Not only have they put a variety of people on their back but they knowing or unknowingly disadvantage themselves and eventually. They break. It can be compared to oneself scattering thorns in front of them. They are the the reason for their own disaster and it’s to late now because they can’t clean up the mess they made and they will live with this guilt for the rest of their live’s.


Free Choice May

June 20, 2019

May Free Choice

The Sallie House

Inspired by the Sallie House from Buzzfeed Unsolved’s Supernatural Season 1 Episode 3 (Please Check It Out!)

This house standing in front of me is like any old house. Slate roof shingles, a layer of Alexandria Beige paint cracking off the sides of this building like an abandoned China pot. This house is anything but impressive. A new family moved in here from Dayton, Ohio but it seems that no one is at home. I think this is the perfect opportunity to have a look inside, just because the outside is dull and old doesn’t mean the inside is the same. Before entering the house, I hear people discussing the house, which they infamously named, The Sallie House after its first owner. A lady spoke. “I wonder how those new people live in that house?”. Another replied.” Yeah, Crazy old Sallie used to live there, she’s probably still wandering around the house like a maniac!” I ignored their ridiculous remarks and continued walking into the house. The door was already opened, but it looked like it was gonna fall off! I ignored the almost broken door and continued into the house. To my disappointment, nothing in the house was out of the ordinary. I looked through the living room, nothing but vintage sofas and a broken radio. I walked into the kitchen, I ran upstairs, but I couldn’t find anything! All the things people said were a joke, just like this house, an old fashioned joke! Suddenly something caught my eye, the one place that was unexplored lye in the lower portion of the house. Its door whisper to me. “Come here, come here.” Its voice was raspy but haunting, soft but edgy. Its voice lures me down the stairs, each step getting heavier as I walk. The voice in the back of my head repeating.”Don’t let your curiosity get the best of you, you’ll regret it.” I ignored the voice and walked. Eventually, I came to the door. The voice repeated. “Last chance.” I paused for a moment, hesitant to enter. I say to myself. “What could possibly be wrong in there.” The moment I enter I see a five-sided star surrounded by a circle, painted dark red, it didn’t ring a bell to me, but the large black pot did, and before I could figure out that the red symbol was a pentagram, I heard a loud. “Thud!” I was disoriented, the world was spinning, and I fell to the ground with an even more deafening thud never to be found or seen again. You know what they say. Curiosity killed the cat,


The Sallie House and Buzzfeed Unsolved’s footage

Retrieved From:





The Sharp Knife of Reality

March 31, 2019

What started off as a typical day ended off as a never-ending nightmare. It was like any other day in my life. Get up, get ready, eat, study, spend time with my family, sleep, and the cycle would start over. However, today wasn’t the same. I came outside to the yard to witness and feel the fresh morning dew trickle down my feet, what made it better was the sun projecting its light upon the morning dew, they looked like spherical beads of light. I stood there embracing every aspect of the place, I didn’t leave a single nook or cranny unembraced. Suddenly an army of police entered the area, uninvited, like a swarm of unwanted mosquitoes. Immediately after the police came, a bulldozer, a sickly yellow, began breaking down the walls of stone surrounding the yard. I was frightened to the core, I knew why they were here, I knew very well why they were here. They were after our land, the land that was rightfully ours, the land that connected us like the strings of a dream catcher, the land that was a piece of our heart, a piece of our soul. It was evident that the man in the bulldozer had the intention of breaking the house we lived in. A few female officers aggressively threw my family and me against the cold floor of the house that was about to be demolished. There was no way of escaping, I burst into tears overcome by the fear of loss but not the loss of myself but the loss of the people that mean the most to me in the world. However, I wasn’t really for what was about to happen. My aunt just entered the yard, and a group of female officers grabbed her. My aunt screamed yelled, but she struggled to break loose of their arms. My Aunt attempted to set up a press conference by grabbing her phone, but the officers made it nearly impossible for her to do that, the officers tried to grab her arms, they did this in the most violent way possible. Despite the struggle, my aunt didn’t let the officers touch her phone. My Aunt’s screams and shouts were like a tape, they kept playing over and over and over again in my head. Every second took to look at her was the most painful excruciating thing to see. It was like walking over shards of glass that were on fire while rocks were being thrown at me, it was heart-wrenching. The people that worked at our house were beaten terribly, one of them was arrested, the other endured a blow to his head. I could see a pool of blood lying beside the worker, above the pool of blood was something trickling down the side of his forehead, this time it wasn’t morning dew tickling at a person’s skin, this time it was blood corroding its way into a person’s forehead, leaving its mark, its stain, wherever it would go. It was a traumatising vision, a picture still left to sit in my head. The workers weren’t the only ones beaten, other family members were hit, abused and victims of this massacre. Again their screams continued and replayed in my head. I sat behind the door witnessing all of this, I wished I could do something about it but I was locked inside like many of my family members.

I looked up at the bulldozer, it was coming towards the building we were locked in. I immediately knew that wasn’t going to see the light of another day again, but I just wanted my family to be alright, I wanted them to be safe, I wanted them to be happy. I took a look at the expression on the face of the man operating the bulldozer, the man was smiling, smiling as if he were pleased with himself, laughing as if he were satisfied with himself, as if he had done something right. The bulldozer was now only about a meter away and I was ready to draw my last breath, it was closing in on us and but I all I wanted was my family’s happiness. I stood there waiting for some kind of light to appear out of somewhere, but suddenly the bulldozer stopped. Someone was able to stop it. The bulldozer left in anger destroying the gate, while ruining the entrance I could hear the screams and cries of my family, it was the worst. The calamity ended, but the destruction stayed, they fixed the place, but they couldn’t fix the screams and cries that kept playing in my head, they couldn’s fix the tears wasted, they couldn’t fix the destruction that remained within our pure hearts.

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